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Turgutreis - Bodrum

The history of Turgutreis dates back to the Antiquity. It is possible to observe characteristic features of living styles of the Antiquity in Bodrum Peninsula, within the boundaries of Turgutreis town. In this land where the Aegean meets the Mediterrenean Sea, various civilizations lived here and established settlements in all periods of history. Turgutreis town is a very ancient residential area which underwent all these processes.

The previous name of the town was Karatoprak. With the changes in the names of locations in Turkey in 1970's, the name of the town (derived from Admiral Turgut Reis) changed into Turgutreis.

Turgut Reis (1485 – 1565), who was one of the important admirals in the Turkish history, was born in this land, in Karabağ village, which is a district of the town today. The Ottoman naval forces dominated in the Mediterranean and Turgut Reis, who played a significant part in the wars he fought and in the victories he won, was killed during the Maltese conquest in 1565 when he was 80. His tomb is in Tripoli.